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Made-in-Nigeria Shoes – What is wrong with them?

Here in Nigerian, shoes generally have become the principal products in the Nigerian fashion market. Shoes are also among the priority products consumed by everyone; hence the market is a growing one. Having known that shoes is one of the prioritized products that is virtually consumed by everyone alike in any given economy.   It has a wider market as it has many consumers to sere irrespective of size and location.  However, one thing is certain.   The industry does not seem to yield much needed effort with respect to huge sacrifices of the manufacturers as well as the government. 

  • jesaih_technologies commented: @mykmaryfashioni think the issue here is that the people making shoes in Nigeria like Aba shoe industry is a conglomerate of shoemakers. Out of over 70,000 shoe makers, it’s a shame that not a single big and trusted name stands out. All we hear in the media is ‘Aba made’.
    This is an opportunity for them to stand out, brand, advertise, market their services and stand out like the shop rites, Versace,coscharis etc.
    If I wanted to buy Aba shoe and I’m in maiduguri, who do I approach? Where do I go to? Can I order Aba made shoe online from a trusted shoemaker? Are they online with their individual websites?
    If I was there, I’d want to sell myself and stand out from the crowd. It will take one bad shoe maker to mar the reputation of other seasoned and reliable shoe makers and that’s because they are branded as one enterprise ‘Aba made’… So we need branding and packaging that way we would go far, and the mindset of Nigerians should change… Because we downgrade Nigeria made alot whereas some of my own made shoes are stronger and more beautiful than this outside made
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    nnenna5595commented:I think that the environmental factor and capital have been their major challenges because of the economic situation of the country. It also depends on the materials that they use,your style of production and how the brand is been packaged. If they can improve on the materials they use and packaging,you will see that there is actually nothing wrong in made-in-Nigeria shoes thank you
  • taiwosogbesancommented:Nigeria made shoes is not inferior in relation to their foreign competing brand. 2,
    there are no factors that influence the attitude of Nigerian shoes consumers@mykmaryfashion


  • damilicious_tolusticacommented:There is nothing wrong with it ,in fact is one of the best in market but no good advert and market strategies to expand it and make Africa buy it,the federal government should band every importation of shoes,and lets patronize our home made
  • ogbaa_mheritcommented:They don’t actually last,the shoe don’t actually have quality
  • zayah_david commented: (I) – Inability to win costumers trust in terms of quality: most of them are made with materials of substandard quality and sold out at a cheaper rate in order to make profit.
    (11)- Inability to secure a spot in the “business market”. The main aim of every business personnel is to make profit.The level/degree of your profit depends on how you’re able to harness ur resources/ideas in packaging ur products.Most of the made-in-Nigeria shoes lack this element of creativity.It’s producers are not innovative enough to produce something never seen before.
    (111) – Most of them are not made to carry the name of the country where they were made.Some are forged as Made-in-China/Italy etc.Even,if they are good enough, the glory still goes down to the Country.If there’s a problem,we understand where it was made and can lay contributions/ideas.
    (111) No means of immediate identity: When I see Nike shoe,I know by the sign,same with addidas,etc.They don’t have a brand yet that can be known not just in Nigeria but the world at large.
    Thanks for this opportunity @mykmaryfashion
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janemirabel commented: Some made in Nigeria shoes are of low quality because the producers are trying to make more profit or over management of resources. There are made in Nigeria shoes that are Even better than the foreign ones but the problem is that Nigerians are obsessed with foreign made products than the ones made here. A Nigerian can easily pay huge amount of money to buy a foreign made shoe instead of Nigerian made shoes, not because the Nigerian own is not superior enough but because they believe that foreign own will always be better. Some Nigerian shoes also lack quality materials and designs. This is because the producers might not have learnt shoe making professionally, so he/she does not know what it takes to make good quality shoes. Nigerians themselves are also what is wrong with Nigerian made shoes. If a shoe made in Nigeria is designed and made with the finest quality materials, Nigerians will never pay what it is worth. They’ll say is not made here in Nigeria, why would I buy it so costly,. This is the reasons most shoe producers here in Nigeria make low quality shoes that can be affordable to most Nigerians.
e_silval commented: I think there’s nothing really wrong with them it just the fact that some people think they are aba made or counterfeit and so people don’t really patronize them or its because atimes when they are not patronized they stop making quality stuff because its like wastage
royallycute commented: I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with made in Nigeria shoes but everything wrong with our perception of made in Nigeria shoes. Our made in Nigeria shoes just need to be showcased on bigger platforms and the manufacturers should come up with more original designs and not try to copy foreign designs. Originality will make a great difference.
iam_zinob commented: The problem I will relate to insincerity and copy work, forgetting originality is better than copied. Thanks
ad.zira_ commented: Made in Nigeria shoes used to be so good. I have i pair that was given to me I. 2005 and I recently just handed it down to my cousin. What made the shoes to loose quality is the financial state of the country. Everyone is trying to maximize and reduce the use of money in the fastest possible way. This is what cause the makers to use materials that are below quality and even cause people to be more greedy
tarimhiz commented: Greed is the right word made in Nigeria shoes are not realiable because most producers just want quick money plus are fond of using the wrong materials are also noticed if u dismantle the shoe what u see is carton 😂@mykmaryfashion

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