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Dear friend,

What you’re about to discover today is what nobody in the fashion business industry will ever tell you.

In this letter, you will get to know about a “ SECRET EXCLUSIVE SYSTEM” that rules the fashion business world.

If someone had told me about this little-known SYSTEM back in 2019, I bet that I would have accumulated various assets dominating the lands of Nigeria by now

I started my journey as a prestigious fashion business owner to promote and celebrate indigenous fashion brands through fashion shows and Awards.

Then along the line, I discovered that promotion and celebration weren't what they truly needed…they needed to be empowered with the right strategy and systems that could level up their fashion business game. Do you seek the same right now?

You are one step closer to building a Profitable fashion business

But how do you make your other steps count for this rewarding journey you wish to take? Read on to find out Now let me tell you something… I've met with various extremely RICH fashion business owners who are dominating the industry

Mykmary Fashion Business School 3

It took some of them over 5 years to get to where they are and others made it in the industry just within 2 years

You might Call it “GRACE” or “LUCK”...but I call it “STRATEGIC INVESTMENT

They built their way up there in a very short period of time because they were ready to invest all they could offer including their TIME into their growth

As you know, there's no “BACKYARD” way to build a successful fashion business… there's a only LEGIT, TRUSTED, and GUARANTEED way which you're about to find out soon

While starting out my journey as a fashion business owner, I approached a few successful entrepreneurs in the fashion industry only to discover that they had no comprehensive process that got them where they were

They believed that they simply got there through their consistent hard work which I didn't believe to be true

Although unnoticed to most of them, I was able to detect some similarities in their success story
In order to come up with a detailed process one could follow to become extremely reputable in the fashion business industry…

I spent 7 dedicated months conducting intense research on how to build a profitable fashion business

Invested and implemented various ideas that I came up with through the research which led me to a big loss that almost got me indebted to a lot of people

Life became suddenly uneasy for me and my daily struggles, talent, and hard work weren’t recognized

But that didn't stop me from investing in my dream of discovering the best way to build a long-lasting profitable business

Believing that I was almost close to this “CENTURY-OLD SECRET EXCLUSIVE SYSTEM” I decided to back up my research with some paid courses

Again, I invested over 267k in a lot of courses and books and consultation…and the missing dots became clearer to me

Finally, on the 21st of August 2020, I discovered the “SECRET EXCLUSIVE SYSTEM”

My 7 months of intentional research and training led me to the discovery of this SYSTEM that’s the solid foundation of over 109 successful fashion businesses

This is the system you need to move from “OH NO” to “OH WOW!!” in your daily fashion business life

I’ve used this peculiar system on 23 other fashion businesses and they are better positioned to make more sales in their fashion business

How am I so sure?

Do you see yourself as a hard-working being in the fashion industry who's constantly struggling to stabilize his/her monthly income by collecting pennies for the recommendable service you deliver?

This discovery of mine is the stress relieving capsule you need at the moment

Read on, because there’s more to find out

After the discovery of this life-changing system, the growth of my fashion business and school has been mind-blowing!!
“School?” you may ask
Forgive my manners.

I was in a hurry to tell you how my discovery can change your life for good… and I forgot to introduce myself

My name is Michael Onyemah, and I’m the founder of the prestigious Mykmary fashion business school which was established to help interlink everyone who shares a common passion for “Design” and “Fashion” to run their businesses profitably enough to fund their desired lifestyle

At Mykmary, we cater to the needs of Fashion Business owners who desire to grow a well reputable and recognized brand across Nigeria and eventually…across the globe

My mission has always been to help other fashion business owners recognize their true WORTH in the industry

You're skilled, talented, remarkable, and unbelievably creative…but you find it difficult to realize and monetize that

Mykmary Fashion Business School 4

I had YOU in mind when I embarked on my journey to discover this “EXCLUSIVE SYSTEM” because I want you to OWN your spotlight

I’ve come in contact with various talented designers and intentional fashion owners and have come to the conclusion that despite being good in their craft, they may NEVER foster profitable growth in their businesses because they are implementing the SAME strategy that led me to a huge loss

Having a love for fashion doesn’t determine your success in it

Who knows… you may have been blinded by this love and passion of yours making you automatically forget that you need to foster growth, not just for your business…but for yourself as well

You need to understand the industry and everything that's related to how it works if you really wish to be recognized in any event you attend

And the necessary steps you need to take to build a memorable fashion business have been simplified and compiled in the secret Exclusive system which you will discover in a 6 weeks coaching program

This program is made for you if

Count yourself lucky for coming across this program today

Unlike so many other fashion business owners, you will discover little-known inner secrets behind EVERY successful fashion brand that will position you as a global brand

I've compiled so much mouthwatering and monetizing knowledge for you at an early bird discounted price of
N35,000 soon to be N50,000

This is probably lesser than the cost of the service you render to ONE customer

Or don’t tell me that you actually charge way less than that for your impressive skills???!!!

If that’s the present scenario, then you urgently need to hop into this program because here, we will get to reveal to you a lot like;

And so much more!!!! But I must warn you!!

Mykmary Fashion Business School 5

Imagine What will become of you and your business in The Next Six Weeks...

Fashion Business Sales & Marketing - Worth ₦50, 000

You will learn proven ways to continually attract new customers and retain old ones to your business.

You will learn how to write content and captions about your fashion business that lead to sales.

You will learn how to create customer avatar and fill up your sales pipeline.

Fashion Business Branding & Packaging - Worth ₦25, 000

You will get a clear understanding of how to build a relatable brand 

You will learn how to brand and position your business to attract your ideal customers.

You will learn how to apply the best packaging method for your kind of product or service

Fashion Business System & Structure - Worth ₦50, 000

You will learn how to structure your business and position it for growth in a competitive market.

You will learn how to properly manage your fashion business.

You will learn how to create the right system and structure in your fashion business.

Digital Marketing - Worth ₦75, 000

How to run ads online like a Pro and launch profitable campaigns that generates high quality leads 

How to build and manage email list

Social Media Strategy and Best Practices

How to automate your Social Media

How to utilize WhatsApp marketing

Fashion Content Creation Strategies and Implementation - Worth ₦50, 000

Content creation strategies 

Content Strategy for Your Fashion Business

How to Get Visibility, Engagement and Sales For Your Fashion Business on Instagram

Fashion Buying and Merchandising - Worth ₦100, 000

You will learn what to expect if you plan to start your career with an established retailer, or if you have recently started and want to understand ‘best practice’.

This fashion buying course will help you to make that leap forward into the fast paced world of fashion retail.

You will learn what a buyer and merchandiser does

Digital Marketing

Content Creation Strategies and Implementation

 You will learn different types of content that you can create to promote your fashion business, such as blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, videos, and more. We’ll teach you how to identify the best type of content for your business and how to create content that resonates with your target audience.

Fashion Buying and Merchandising

Other benefits

+ Other Bonus

Body Shape

Fashion Business Grant Opportunities And Acceleration Programs - Worth ₦500, 000

International Business Exposure - - Worth ₦500, 000


Our expert Business Coaches

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Nancy Nnadi

Business Structure & Finance Expert
Mykmary Fashion Business School 7


Marketing & Sales Expert
Mykmary Fashion Business School 8


Brand & Packaging Expert
Mykmary Fashion Business School 9

Mosun Olukoga

Digital Content Strategist
Mykmary Fashion Business School 10

Adeyemi Adesola

Digital Marketing Expert
Mykmary Fashion Business School 11

Ibukun Komolafe

Smartphone Photography Boss

TOTAL VALUE: - ₦1,350, 000

You must be ready for what people are about to say concerning the unforeseen and unimaginable growth you’re about to experience after joining this 6 weeks program where you will discover the “Secret exclusive system”

Believe me, they will definitely talk

I know you might have a busy schedule because of your clients’ focused inner orientation.

And I dearly appraise you for having the satisfaction of the people you render services to at heart…you are a rare gem!!

But just this one time, think about yourself

When will you be able to get the things you crave without a second thought?

When will you be able to see the constant smiling faces of your children for affording their dream wants?

When will you Perfectly fit into a gathering of your wealthy peer group?

When will your name be plastered on various news platforms as a commendable fashion business owner that you and I know you truly are?

When will you get that recognition as an outstanding fashion business owner that you've yearned for?

“SOON” is the regular word used by unyielding business

Some Mind-blowing reviews from our students

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Kane William

Web Developer

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Jack Morkel

Graphics Designer

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John Doe

Affiliate Marketer

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Why Choose Mykmary?

Supportive Community

You will get all the support you need via our support community and questions and answer session with our dedicated coach.

Live Question And Answer Class

You will get the help you need by joining our LIVE coaching group and get your questions answered from anywhere in the world.

Replay Option

If you miss a session, do not worry, all sessions are recorded and you will have access to them even after the coaching program

Expert Instructors

You will be trained by experts that would not tell you theories but with solid pragmatic ongoing practical experience of managing and growing fashion businesses.

Get Help With Our KnowledgeBase

Because we want you to get nothing less than mind-­blowing value, we have included a number of extra resources to help you implement what you have learned seamlessly.


is the only word you need to replay in your head to get your business into the next successive level.

And that all

This is the point where you stop lamenting the “God when” statement and act now because the more you delay, the better the chances you give the previous and present participants of this program to penetrate deeper into the fashion industry comfortably,

The more you think twice before joining this program, the better the chances you give them to retain the trust of your customers and overshadow your growth in the industry
Every Week, We Send Out Emails That Will Boost Your Fashion business in areas of Sales & Marketing, Branding, Packaging, and Business System and Structure.

Act now… and enjoy the benefits sooner

I know you might be thinking...

I'm here to assure you that Will Definitely Work For You

The real question here is… are you going to be committed and do what it really takes?

Will you really implement all you’re about to learn?

If YES, then permit me to give you an extra push and eliminate all the possible doubts that you might be thinking of

I'm issuing a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!!!

If this deal sounds fair to you, then simply click on the link below and join this upcoming program that will transform your life for a better course!!!

Here's an unpopular fact

There's always a cost for inaction and delay

Then this is program serves as the end of your search

If you don't hop into this program as soon as you can…you might live to regret it as you will keep up with your daily struggles

Join this 6 weeks coaching program now at the discounted price of N35,000 which only lasts for 14 days and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee…

Or join after 14 days at it's normal price of N50,000

Or…don't join at all and continue with the unyielding daily struggles… keep waiting on luck and blessing to knock on your door when you know you can solve your own problem right NOW

But to you, my fellow future successful fashion business owner who has taken the right path and made the best decision of the year 2023

Simply register with the link below and start your transformation journey on the 15th of July 2023

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  • Where will the classes hold?
    All classes will hold online
  • What if I will not be available on that day. What will I do?
    Don't worry about it! If you miss the Session or your internet connection is bad, you will still have access to replay the recorded class
  • What is the duration of the class
    6 weeks
  • How much is the registration fee
    N35,000 early bird N50,000 late registration

Now is the time to make a life-changing decision

Let’s work together to build a transformational fashion business


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N 35,000

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N 17,500

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