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Promoting indigenous fashion brands.

Our Passion for Fashion business

MYKMARY FASHION was birthed with the motive to help bring the  imagination of young and rising fashion designers and entrepreneurs to life. And ever since then, we have been persistently working to add value and interpret the African fashion business to the world at large.

The inspiration behind Mykmary fashion brand was first formed from the undying love for fashion, after realizing the positive effect on the economic GDP, growth, and the amount of job creation it could provide, it became a serious venture.

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  • To celebrate outstanding pacesetters in the Nigerian fashion sector.
  • To Increase qualitative and quantitative approaches to fashion brands
  • Propose solutions to fashion business problems To promote indigenous fashion brands.
  • To bridge the gap between Nigerian fashion brands and the international market
  • To create a platform for networking and showcasing indigenous fabrics and
    fashion to the international community
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Our Objectives

Mykmary fashion provides undiluted information to fashion business owners. As a fashion business owner, there can be a lot of pressure juggling various business demands especially when there is a lack of adequate information.

Mykmary fashion was created to help fashion entrepreneurs explore a business incubation space, where professionals will share their issues and doubts that can devalue indigenous fashion brands and provide solutions for their business needs.

Mykmary fashion help businesses obtain the right tools and guidelines to overcome a specific phase or problem and provides innovative solutions to fashion entrepreneurs based on their needs and expectations. 

Our Vision

To help Indigenous Fashion Brand penetrate the  international market.


Mykmary Fashion Business school was introduced to develop and engage passionate fashion persons, who want to run their businesses to fund their desired lifestyle (profitability).


Mykmary Fashion Events is the exposing factor of our fashion entrepreneur, who has the creativities but lack the audience needed. This includes Exhibition, Fashion runway, Media Personality hangout, Awards, Fashion carnivals etc,


Mykmary Fashion Tourism, is our way of emphasizing on the various ways in which fashion attracts people to a face lifting cultural background, beliefs and environment. This include: Fashion carnivals, fashion festival etc.,





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Runway show & choreography, musical live performance, Exhibition, Networking, Merchandising, Awards, Seminars, fashion celebrity appearances, Games, product testing and many more. Every year we Inaugurate new editions to rejuvenate the mind of every of our partners.

Our History

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What we do

Our Activities

  1. Fashion Show & Awards: Our fashion event is an annual award and fashion show that brings together all local and international brands to showcase their styles and brand. During our fashion event, we award brands with excellent results in different categories.  

Fashion Business school: Our fashion business school is a training school that equips you with the best knowledge to successfully run a fashion business that positions your brand in the international market. Our curriculum is focused on marketing, branding, networking and other aspects of the Fashion Business. Our courses are taken by seasoned and experienced lecturers who are dedicated to coaching, excellence and results.

The last edition of

Mykmary Fashion show and awards , is an annual event opened to the fashion industry, lifestyle, and entertainment among others. Constantly promoting fashion brands, connecting clothing lines, performers, and fashion storytellers globally. It is designed to create a theme and purpose for Fashion Enthusiast (fashion technologists, Fashion Accessories sellers, Textile designers, Fashion illustrators, Fashion merchandisers, Fashion Ecommerce managers, Models, Makeup artists/hairstylists, Studio managers, Costumiers, Wardrobe assistants, bloggers, marketer, PR etc.), Fashion photographers, filmmaker, and Fashion writer. to expose economic benefits and deep cultural value. The brand offers unique opportunities through experiential events to attract the target audience as a strategy for brand marketing.

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  • Establish business linkages with Nigeria fashion brands
  • Survey market awareness
  • Find Potential Investors
  • Launching of latest products and services
  • Gather information and content on new trends and dynamics.
  • Showcase products and services in Nigeria fashion sector
  • Create visibility, awareness and interest about brands within the locale
  • Develop a large relationship network and business directory
  • Explore the market and observe trends
  • Gather information on Nigeria fashion brands.
  • Create an avenue for Nigeria fashion vendors to meet potential partners that can lead to business alliances
  • Help vendors identify new potential customers and reach targeted audience
  • Gather information on Nigeria fashion brands
  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • Massive media publicity
  • Benefit to meet with the Nigerian fashion and ready-to-wear garment industries professionals.
  • Evaluate the Nigerian market and realize the possibilities of how to make business with Nigerian businessmen.
  • See the possibilities of making contacts to export their products to Nigeria and establish direct investments, open factories or offices in Nigeria.
  • See the best quality fashion and ready-to-wear garment industries products from all over the world.
  • Meet directly with the professional managers, decision-makers from the fashion and ready-to-wear garment manufacturing countries.

Our Sponsors & Partners

Designer /Exhibitor's Package


  • -10 Garments/wears on the runway
  • –Hair and makeup for models
  • -10 models will be assigned from our pool of
  • -Back stage manager will be assigned
  • -Hair stylist and styling team will be available
  • -Dressers to assist designers backstage and
    during the show
  • -High resolution photo session of collection
  • -Inclusion on Mykmary official website with
    bio and link to the designer’s website or
    social media page
  • -Full page featuring on the event magazine
  • -Video interview for designers
  • -Appearance on notable media platforms
  • -Brand introduction on stage


  • -Exhibition stand will be provided
  • -High resolution photo session of collection
  • -Full page featuring on the event magazine
  • -Video interview for exhibitors
  • -Appearance on notable media platforms
  • -Brand introduction on stage
  • -Inclusion on Mykmary official website with
    bio and link to the designer’s website or
    social media page

Get the full list of benefits above when you showcase on the  Runway and also have Exhibition stand for your Product.